Our Philosophy

At Morning Glory, we support the belief that parents are the primary educator of their children and support your role as your child’s “first teacher”.

We believe that parents and family members enhance our program forming a bridge between home and school. We recognize the importance of developing a strong partnership between families and teachers and believe that the goals of both families and teachers are to ensure that children will succeed in school and life.

We value being responsive to your child’s and family’s needs. We value providing your child with individualized opportunities to explore, create, learn, and meet their learning and developmental needs in a safe environment.

We are happy to offer two programs!

Our Curriculum

For our infants and toddlers, we utilize the Creative Curriculum for Infant, Toddlers and Twos and, for our preschoolers, the Creative Curriculum for Preschool and the Connecticut Early Learning and Developmental Standards (CT ELDS) as our frameworks for environmental planning and implementing developmentally appropriate programming.

Our curricula promote growth in research-based and proven developmental and learning areas of school readiness and success.

Each curriculum is aligned with a system for observing children, collecting evidence, evaluating skills and assessing the areas of development and learning with performance tasks for selected predictors of school success.

Educational Plan

At Morning Glory, our children have a flexible daily schedule designed to help meet the individual needs of our diverse population and enabling us to address and respect cultural, language, and developmental differences.

Our schedule includes opportunities for growth and problem solving experiences in a variety of developmental and learning areas including sensory discrimination, math, literacy, science, arts, science, and technology along with planned opportunities for indoor and outdoor physical activities to assist with your child’s fine and gross motor skills development.

Children have the opportunity to express their own ideas and feelings through creative experiences throughout our program, which includes opportunities for:

  • Arts and media

  • Dramatic play

  • Music

  • Language

  • Motor activity

  • Language learning experiences

  • Experiences that promote self-reliance

  • Health education practices

  • Nutritious meals and snacks

  • Child initiated and teacher initiated experiences

  • Exploration and discovery

  • Varied choices in materials and equipment

  • Individual and small group activities

  • Active and quiet play

  • Rest, sleep or quiet activity

  • Toileting and clean up